12B Shun Ho Tower
24-30 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong

Runway Growth Capital’s mission is to support passionate entrepreneurs in building great businesses, by lending capital to companies to fund growth with minimal dilution. Runway is a smart, reliable source of capital for dynamic late stage startups. They define their success by the growth and development they have fueled in companies, ideas and entrepreneurs.

Passionate support for borrower success is the reason Runway Growth Capital exists. They have earned a track record of successful outcomes for companies by bringing human capital to every engagement in the form of experience, relationships and passion. They are as diligent as their entrepreneur partners in working to create success for their business. Runway bring their connections and capital to their portfolio companies. Intellectual horsepower and a thoughtful approach to problem solving are as much their product as the capital they provide. For Runway Growth Capital, when their borrowers succeed, they succeed.

Runway Growth Capital lends capital—as well as relationships, experience and passion—to help fast-growing, dynamic companies achieve their fullest potential. Headquartered in the United States, Runway provides debt capital to growth-oriented businesses with big plans and bright futures.

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