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Belgrave Capital Management is borne from the Swiss bank Banca del Ceresio, which has a long heritage of hedge fund investing. The Bank’s founding family were seed investors of George Soros and today hold the honour of Chairman Emeritus for the Quantum Endowment Fund.

The Bank is also a long-term sponsor of Haussman Holdings – one of the oldest and best performing fund of hedge funds – with principals sitting on the funds’ board of Investment Committee.

Today they research and select talented alternative investment managers for the Group’s fund of hedge funds, as well as the award-winning Vitruvius multi-portfolio and multi advisor long only funds. They oversee assets of US$8 billion for the Group.

This pedigree in hedge fund investing was a logical step to the formation of Belgrave Capital Management. Their position of strength adds instant credibility to their fund manager research and advisory services.

Aligned interests of fund managers and investors

The alignment of interests between the manager and his investors is fundamental, and is usually expressed through co-investment. The manager’s interests have to be entirely aligned with those of the investor to achieve the best results over time. Professional integrity is also of primary importance.

Understanding the strategy

A strong focus is placed on understanding how managers make money. They follow a simple rule ‘if they don’t understand, they don’t invest!’

Boutique fund manager appeal with institutional due diligence

Talented managers usually perform their best when given the opportunity to apply active management independently with high entrepreneurial flair. Their fund manager selection focuses on this, however, is carefully balanced with ensuring managers apply discipline to their risk management.

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